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This past Tuesday undercover police officers responded to an advertisement on Craigslist suggesting that the author was offering Sex For a Fee. The solicitation was provided by Heather Robinson who stated that she would be available at a motel in Framingham, Massachusetts. Officers arranged to meet her at her motel.

During the meeting Robinson would perform full service sexual acts for one hundred fifty dollars. Once the agreement was finalized Robinson was arrested. She has been charged with Prostitution in the Framingham District Court.

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So what will happen to Robinson? Well, assuming she has no prior criminal record and that she Hire an Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer she might be able to walk away from this case without a criminal record. A dismissal with court costs, pre-trial probation or a continuance without a finding are all possible dispositions in this case.

This case brings up an interesting question that is being litigated nationally these days. Is Craigslist responsible for creating a public nuisance or is it in violation of federal and state prostitution laws?

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Just yesterday in Illinois a federal judge dismissed a case being brought by the Cook County Sheriff complaining that Craigslist is a public nuisance and in violation of various laws pertaining to prostitution. Craigslist has responded by making changes to its advertising solutions.

Continue Reading. Acting in an undercover capacity Salem, Massachusetts Police Detective Bill Jennings met forty six year old Lisa Anderson at her apartment posing as a potential client.

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Anderson had a website listing her services as an escort or companion. She greeted Jennings in a bra, thong and nylons. The two conversed and agreed on a price of two hundred dollars an hour for sex.

Anderson was then arrested and charged with one count of Prostitution and one count of Using a Building for Prostitution. The case is being prosecuted in the Salem District Court. So what is Anderson looking at?

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Well, she is probable being charged under M. Using a Building for Prostitution is a crime pursuant to M. The maximum sentence under that statute is three years in state prison, making this crime a felony. I would guess that if Anderson gets an Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer and if she has no record or an unremarkable criminal record the district attorney will agree to dismiss the felony and continue the Prostitution charge without a finding.

The defendant met the victim on MySpace.

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He represented himself to be a movie producer looking for women who he offered to pay. The victim is from Boston.

It is alleged that she and Allen exchanged nude pictures over the internet. A computer that was seized from his home is being analyzed by the prosecution. The conviction carries with it a potential life sentence. In essence, the only defense to this charge is that the act never happened. These cases are not always easy to prove.

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The victim is not always the person who reports the rape. Many times it is a friend in whom she confided or a family member, particularly a parent who found out about the act by reading s or text messages. For instance, in this case the pictures, while not necessarily proof of rape are extremely damaging to the defense. They also serve as the basis for the prosecution of the other counts, a violation of M. A conviction for this crime carries a minimum ten year state prison sentence. The severity of these charges suggests that Mr. A Massachusetts man and known sex offender was arrested and charged with Attempted Rape earlier this week.

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Police allege that Scott Gagnon of Tewksbury assaulted a woman who was jogging on Plum Island and attempted to rape her. The woman managed to escape and call the police on her cell phone. Gagnon is a level 3 sex offender.

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He was convicted of sex crimes for which he had served twenty seven years in state prison in Massachusetts. Just last week Gagnon was caught soliciting a prostitute in Haverhill.

He was charged and arrested with that crime as well. Gagnon, 51 is being held on fifty thousand dollars cash bail. The case is currently being prosecuted in the Newburyport District Court.

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It is expected that the case will be indicted and handled in the Essex County Superior Court. Undoubtedly the prosecution in this case will be looking for the maximum sentence authorized if Gagnon is convicted. A conviction carries a possible twenty year sentence for first time offenders and life for second and subsequent offenders. This case will likely rest exclusively on the testimony of the victim. It appears that there were no witnesses to the incident. Most likely Gagnon will go to trial on this case unless the prosecution or a judge permits him to plead to a sentence he can accept.

On Labor Day three women were in a parking lot at a convenience store in Waltham, Massachusetts. At around p. Christopher Gavilanes, a Somerville resident drove by them. When they looked over Gavilanes was fondling himself. He was later arrested and charged with Open and Gross Lewdness.

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The case will be prosecuted in the Waltham District Court. Gavilanes was released on personal recognizance.

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The statute permits a sentence of up to three years in state prison after a conviction. Typically these cases are prosectued in the district courts where the maximum sentence permitted by statute is two years in the house of correction.

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Judges can continue these cases without a finding. When that disposition is imposed the defendant is spared the stigma of a felony conviction.

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The case will be dismissed as soon as the defendant completes the terms of probation, if any, that are set by the judge or probation department. If Galvines has no criminal record that is how this case might get resolved.

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The victim is the daughter of his girlfriend with whom he lived. The prosecution alleges that the thirty one year old Dodd sexually abused and raped the girl over a three year period, beginning when she was twelve years old. When the victim was fifteen her boyfriend convinced her that what Dodd was doing was wrong.

She then confronted him in an effort to end the abuse.

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She claimed that while doing so she was struck by Dodd. The police investigated the assault but were never informed about the sexual abuse. These cases are difficult to defend even under the best circumstances. A likely scenario is that there is no physical evidence linking Dodd to the crimes and that there are no eyewitnesses.

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How then can Dodd effectively rebut these accusations? Maybe she sought attention from her mother or her boyfriend. Maybe she hated Dodd for reasons that do not implicate criminal conduct on his part. You can explore many of the reasons for false sexual abuse allegations by reading the Nichols Consulting Blog or Website. For Dodd the battle is just beginning.

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A twenty one year old woman was sitting on her porch late last week when Pamphra Mulondo of Framingham, Massachusetts rode his bike by home. He stopped, pulled down his fly and fondled himself for two minutes. The woman then walked to a local drug store and saw Mulondo again.

She became nervous and asked store employees to contact the police.

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The defendant was arrested and charged with open and gross lewdness and disorderly person. The case is pending in the Framingham District Court. A conviction of this offense carries a possible three year state prison sentence or a two year house of correction sentence if the district attorney chooses to prosecute the case in the district court.

This crime requires the district attorney to prove that the defendant intentionally, indecently and offensively exposed himself in such a way as to produce alarm. To convict someone of this crime a jury must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant acted in such a way as to alarm or shock.

Here, the actions of the defendant appear to satisfy the elements of this offense.

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If he does not have a criminal record a good lawyer should be able to get this matter continued without a finding. ZIP: 01832 01830 01835 01831

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