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It all started out with an ad on Craigslist. Some adults use this site to find new vehicles, appliances or jobs.

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However, Craigslist has a seamy side: a section of people post looking for casual sex. It was much easier for Verbout to communicate through technology than real life and this is why the communication through began. Towards the end, Verbout said he thought the right thing to do was to cut things off with the girl, and do it in person. A time and date was set for the two to meet at a park in Pinal County.

Personals near Nebraska

Verbout was asked to bring a Diet Dr. Pepper and a bag of Sour Skittles by the officer. Verbout chose not to bring these items because he was not going there to make a good impression. The day Verbout was arrested, he had intended to go to the park and meet the faux juvenile girl to break things off. After driving around, he was unable to find the park.

The DFW Connection to the Bust

Verbout then proceeded with his normal schedule, which was work at that time. As he was driving to work, a police officer followed him and eventually turned on his lights. When Vercout pulled over, the officer stated that a suspicious vehicle had been called in around the area that matched the description of his car. The officer questioned him and asked what he was doing.

Verbout was arrested right there.

Personals near Nebraska

Press reports at the time described details in the criminal complaint against thenyear-old Verbout. After many court dates, Verbout had the option of taking a plea deal or going to trial. If he had gone to trial and lost, he would have had to spend a mandatory of five years in prison. After consideration, Verbout pled guilty to one count of luring a minor, and one count of aggravated luring of a minor.

Personals near Nebraska

With the plea deal, Verbout is now a convicted felon and on the sex offender registry for life. He was sentenced to lifetime probation, but may be able to be released from probation after 10 years. Now, it has been three years since his conviction, and Verbout wants his story to be noticed by the public.

Personals near Nebraska

He feels the police entrapped him and goaded him into doing something he never would have done otherwise. But, in my case, I placed a legal ad on an adult website.

Personals near Nebraska

I was not looking for anyone underage. It did surprise me when I got that response from this person claiming to be underage.


Looking back, I should have never engaged in the chats with this person. The person who turned out being a police officer was the one who engaged me in the chat to begin with. I am hoping that the way to do that would be to get enough publicity with my book and enough people can in and help me out and maybe contact the county attorney office where I was convicted Pinal Countyand, hopefully, make them take another look at my case and decide that it should be thrown out.

I have contacted several lawyers, including the one who defended me in the case, but, other than that, I have contacted around a dozen other lawyers.

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They all say that, in cases like these, it is supposedly lifetime probation. According to my plea agreement, you can petition to get off probation after 10 years. Do you feel like if your lawyer would have explained the guilty plea more in detail, would you have taken the chance to go to trial? There was definitely the cost to consider, and I thought, if I had taken this to trial, a case like this with s that were exchanged between someone I believed to be underage, it might get kind of ugly and embarrassing.

Personals near Nebraska

The exchange went on for a period of several weeks, and, at the time, I was not looking for anyone underage. This person responded to my ad that I had placed, and I figured that this was maybe a curious young girl who maybe wanted to have some excitement and a sex chat with an older guy. I was thinking that maybe I was giving her something that she was looking for.

Again, I was not actively seeking someone who was underage; they contacted me first.

Personals near Nebraska

That was where the other counts came in. At the time you were creating thedid you even have the knowledge that sting operations were a possibility? Although you never got out of your car or brought the items that were requested, you were still arrested?

I was specifically going to meet this person to say that I had gotten tired of these chats and that I wanted to move on. When I was thinking that it was a year-old girl, I thought it would be really crushing if I were to blow her off over an. I thought at least I would give her the opportunity to at least meet.

For me, when I was chatting with these women online, it was to blow off steam and a fun thing for me to do.

Personals near Nebraska

I never really hinted at following through with this stuff. For me, it was a fun way to pass the time.

Personals near Nebraska

With these instances, if I got tired of chatting with these women, I would stop replying to them for a couple of days, which I did with this person, but the police officer would continue to me. During or after this event, did it ever cross your mind that your daughter could be in this situation?

My daughter was 19 at the time. I did all of this, and of course, after I was arrested, she was very upset.

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You are hoping that it helps bring attention to the disease. I have a hard time dealing with people, and I sometimes get very defensive when people criticize me. Stuff just begins to build up inside and I have no real outlet at times. Flores, an expert on Asperger's who teaches special education courses at Angelo State University. He has about 16 years of experience in the field. Flores said that people with Asperger's Syndrome "are very concerned at times with how others feel about them, and many individuals with Asperger's Syndrome find it difficult to make and maintain friendships.

However, he said, "But I do need to stress that individuals with Asperger's differs from person to person, and although one individual may behave in one manner, someone with the same disorder may behave in a totally different way. This is why Autism is referred to as a spectrum. Because of his disease and situation, Verbout said judges should take certain things into consideration, especially in regards to the sex offender registry.

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A good reason to have the registry is for violent and serious sex offenders. For someone like me, who this is the first offense, and was entrapped and goaded into this situation, I think that it needs to be looked at. Some offenses should not be judged as harshly as others. It is a short read, taking the average bookworm less than an afternoon to read.

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Personals near Nebraska

Scumbag got caught now he's claiming his disease is behind it. Guy even has a daughter of his own. Are we supposed to feel sympathetic? A 50 year old man engaged in sexually explicit conversations with a 14 year old, and then took it so far as to meet the .

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He's just trying to save face with his family. I'm sure he also found God and wants sympathy there as well.

Craigslist Point TX sex

Buy my book he says, let me get some cash off this. Give me a break.

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You but this book you support his actions period. Either this man is the dumbest man on earth, or he is a liar. I am going for the latter. Osifer, I thunk she was just curious to see man parts so I was helping edumakate her. What was he going to break off with her?

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A condom? Moral to his story book should be if shes under 18 years old then run Forest ruuuuuunnnn!!

Ms Lindgren, I would like to commend you on this article. It is well written and from an unbiased point of view which unfortunately I find to be increasingly rare on San Angelo live.

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As for this guy, he's an idiot and a liar. Regardless of the entrapment, disability or intent, he engaged in sexually explicit dialogue with a 14 year old!

Personals near Nebraska

If it wasn't a police officer but an actual 14 year old, what would have happened? Would he have continued talking to her? Absolutely he would have. I could go on and on about this wack job but suffice it to say he knew damn well what he was doing, he's just pouting over the fact he was a law abiding citizen.

That's right you were If she had never met him, then should would not have been devastated with him breaking it off. What probably happened is that he saw the cops and didn't stop, not that he didn't find the park. He was so concerned about her being devastated that he could take an extra few minutes to find the right place?

Wouldn't she have been more devastated at him standing her up? ZIP: 75472

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